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True Friends Lie Underneath
*The Distorted Mind and a Broken Heart*

My name's Brandon, my nickname is Kazi. New Jersey. 19. Introvert. Feel free to Message me.

Ming and DQ came over in my dream and upstairs was hella huge. It started to rain everywhere up there so I decided to get pots and buckets to places there but we took a long time and I went up there and everything was soaked. Like a huge as 70” tv in the middle of the room was done, all the disks, clothes, furniture everything. Like and also the outside was like another world kinda, in my backyard people were having a party but thy were like ghosts it’s hard to explain that part. My apart to watch Samsung rang so yea back to sleep 5:33 AM

lol I woke up at 9. So no morning classes for me… Again :p spent the mornin playing Smite and yea that’s about it. I really can’t wait for the day to play with an actual friend and get communication going. Well off to class now, and then I guess I’m walking home on the cool breezy fucking day. I can’t wait to get home and finish up madoka. Man that show is hella cool. 12:58 PM

Haven’t watched Madoka all day and I’m like fiending for it lol. But yea Smite night basically. Also I wanna watch Baccano/FMA Original again. maybe later tonight I’ll start up FMA Original and not talk about it on my daily since it has like 50ish episodes, so finally can watch anime without my phone near to write liddo things :3 9:33 PM

Spending the night watching Digllife aka Zap, Lass, and Toliy drunk as fuck and Allied playing ranked. Great Night. 12:51 AM

The Moon - Soul Eater