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True Friends Lie Underneath
*The Distorted Mind and a Broken Heart*

My name's Brandon, my nickname is Kazi. New Jersey. 19. Introvert. Feel free to Message me.

Just a bunch of Flash Dreams, I can’t remember any. 9:31 AM

Dreamt of this prank where it was like this guy got huge and was terrorizing the city so the “power rangers” had to stop him. And the big guy had a big ass York peppermint patty and Miley Cyrus was out in one of the windows of the office building. Then they stopped the prank and showed the rangers that no one got big, or attacked a building or anything. Everyone laughed so hard even I was getting a headache from it. I can’t describe it. Jake Johnson was a power ranger and he was doing his laugh and someone else was doing that laugh that you do just to gas shit up, like when it’s about to die down they do a loud ass laugh to keep the laughs going. Ahh man that shit was funny. 10:00 AM

Probably the hardest history test I ever took 2:44 PM

Came home after a rainy walk and just watching MLC and finally going to watch Challenge: Free Agents 4:12 PM

Yo this season is wild! I love the no one is fucking safe mentality. But I’, pissed that Chet really bitched out and forfeited… like come on 5:03 PM

Watching DM’s stream and learning how to write Japanese HIragana. I can sort of read it a bit, but I only know like 6 letters lol 10:07 PM

Sigh, I miss having a dog and I miss playing Bioshock and watching Kyoukai no Kanata and seeing some people on a daily basis. I’m hella sad today. But new patch tomorrow and then I get to find out my niece/nephew’s gender :3 G’nite 12:00 AM

The Moon - Soul Eater