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True Friends Lie Underneath
*The Distorted Mind and a Broken Heart*

My name's Brandon, my nickname is Kazi. New Jersey. 19. Introvert. Feel free to Message me.

Sword Art Online II Ep9- The ALO gang is so cute watching Kirito from in the game at a tavern :3. Like Kirito is cute, but Lisbeth tho! Oh they are watching right as Death Gun stuns Pale Rider! He’s like staring at the camera and this shit got creepy as fuck real quick. Back to last episode where Death Gun is praying and Sinon shoots but she fucking missed and he saw her! His eyes glowed on his mask and he shot Pale Rider, but dude tried to MJ his way back up and fire, but rest in pepperonis, he got dc’d aka he’s dead as fk. This nigga’s name and the gun are both Death Gun, so I kinda knew that, but HOLY SHIT KLIEN REMEMBERS THIS DUDE FROM SAO! Death Gun used an old Laughing Coffin member’s catchphrase, so he fucked up! I like how Death Gun just smoothed dipped into the dark bridge. 15 minutes up and Sinon tried to find his real name and he didn’t show up on the radar, so he might of jumped in the water. Damn Sinon got hit with that PTSD in game from her childhood, that’s how you know this is real. Nice guy Kirito, telling Sinon to run away from Death Gun as he follows his tail, but Tsundere ass Sinon is going to go with Kirito no matter what, like my boy Kirito got Asuna, Suga, and Sinon, he is living the great American Dream. And beofre they can leave, some nasty ass AR nigga comes and tries to fight them and Kirito goes ape shit and Sinon fucking Obelsik the Tormentors him! Asuna sees all this nonsense going down and decides to log out and call Kirito’s employer to see what the fuck is going on. Sinon and Kirito try to fucking scooby-doo this Death Gun nigga at this abandon city, like please you won;t know who this nigga is, just don’t die PLEASE! Again Tsundere Sinon comes and hey, I’m not lying I really love it. Gunner X is the only dude in the city that is a new player so they think he is Death Gun, let’s find the fuck out. Got to say the background and map design is sick, I would love to play on this map! Ok So Sinon has increased vision perk, nice. The gang split up as Kirito tries to lure this man out and Sinon goes to a place to set-up for the snipe. AND HOLY SHIT SHE GOT STUNNED! DEATH GUN STUNNED HER! HE was invis! Death Gun is using her to see if this is the real Kirito, if he kills Sinon and goes crazy, he knows its him. Death Gun is the same type of gun Sinon used to kill that dude at the bank!? THE FUCK!? Fuck her PTSD is kicking in and the gun shot! FUCKING DUMBASS CLIFFHANGERS! FUCK! 12:21 AM

Well time to watch Anohana movie, wish me luck. 12:31 AM

Well it was kinda what I expected; to just fucking cry for the entire movie. I’m sorta glad I didn’t see this in theaters or else they would of kicked me out for crying in the 1st fucking minute. But yea, this movie was very nice. Basically the whole show compounded with some extra bits of the Busters after Menma left over a year ago. Also at the end, where the group.. well you know. I cried the hardest I ever on that part, so and I couldn’t breath, like I legit had too many mocos in my lungs to breath! But yea man, Anohana is perfection in the sense of Summer Anime. Sure it doesn’t take place all in Summer, but I don’t care, its perfect. The ending was really cute with Anaru not confessing and her reason was something life changing really to me; as long as you keep that friendship with that person, every year sooner or later they will learn about your feelings for them. I really did like how they went into everyone’s story via them writing letters to Menma, very cute. And man they bought in all the teary moments from the show. My only thing I don’t like is that they bounced around in the story. And fuck I thought the movie was over and the post credits when Menma asks us what do we think she will get reincarnated into, hit me. This was a pretty solid idea to do. But for the full experience people need to watch the show first and feel those 11 episodes of Perfection and then watch the movie and embrace it all. Ok let me go to sleep now, cuz I am dehydrated as ever, 2:21 AM

Literally woke up, ate cereal, and then started cleaning till like about 20 minutes. We fixed the entire up stairs attic and shit. I guess it looks nice, like to be really honest, I didn’t really care about the mess up here. But hey I guess if it makes the family happy. But yea man, this was basically my whole day. Now I can watch LCS and holy shit TSM vs C9 and C9 is up 2-1. DAMN man this is getting real! 6:40 PM

TSM took first! Dyrus got all emotional how cute! But yea man my whole body is hurting, I think the last time I was really like this was Bamboozle 2011(?) like lol. The bottom of my feet are pulsating and my back is aching. So fuck the computer and I’m jumping on my bed! Twitch on Xbox is ass but 1. It’s twitch and 2. It is basically my lullaby to make me sleep. Hopefully I wake up and not sleep the whole night so I can post this daily. 8:57 PM iight more sleep 11:40 PM
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