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True Friends Lie Underneath
*The Distorted Mind and a Broken Heart*

My name's Brandon, my nickname is Kazi. New Jersey. 19. Introvert. Feel free to Message me.

Sky stream is what I hate about my generation. Talking about out childhood shows we watched… Sigh 1:36 AM

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Ep1- Ok th at dream was how I pictured the whole series to be not this mega moe school show, but I know damn sure this will change. Madoka’s family is hella cute man like holy slambam. I LOVE the futuristic world they live in like the houses and school and malls are super cool! Homura was really cute till she told Madoka that id she changes she’ll lose everyone she loves; but then her real ass colors come ouut when she was chasing Kyubey and Madoka and Sayaka find it. AND LMAO The real show starts all these crazy ass shits are popping off like LSD. Then Mami they yellow chick comes and 1 million gun barrages the fucking forest of mustache afros, yea… I know what I wrote. But now Kyubey wants the girls to make contracts with it; knowing from other shit, making contracts is never good. 11:38 AM

Ep2- So Mami is a 3rd year at Madoka’s school and lives alone, wtf. And  apparently other people can’t see Kyubey. So the contract is become a magical girl and get your 1 wish to come true but you now have a soul gem and have to fight witches; that’s a lot to do for fucking 7th graders. Telepathically talking! So also magical girls get the killing blow reward so that’s why Homura was trying to whittle out the number of magical girls and kill Kyubey, makes sense. Aww Madoka was drawing how she thinks she’ll look when she transforms :3 Sayaka with the deep questions about why them and shit… Ok Homura is just trying to look out for Madoka I understand it now. Lol Hitomi really thinks Sayaka and Madoka are a Yuri Couple. And Sayaka bought a fucking bat to fight witches..I like how they “track witches”. The witch’s kiss looks sweet dawg. HOLY SHIT Mami vs the Witch was hella sick, being a magical girl is cool as fuck. Grief seeds clear up your Soul Gems and apparently are valuable and not dangerous. Mami saved some girl from killing herself and I guess at the end of the day that’s all that matters just like Madoka just said lol. Also I’m digging that the episodes end off with a character saying the name of the episode; just little stuff like that grows on me. 12:09 PM

Ep3- I take a break for a few hours and come back to Sayaka going to the hospital to visit someone; now I understand what her wish would be if she does sign the contract. Wow Mami HAD to make her wish, there was little choice in it; and I do love how the girls don’t know what they want their final wish to be and now Sayaka is on the edge if hers and omg its so cute! Kyubey is scary saying that Madoka is hella strong and he’s never seen someone like her before. Madoka and Pops’ talk man, holy balls its great! Holy Shit a labyrinth is about to open up at the hospital and Sayaka wants t stay and make sure they don’t lose the witch; In the maze Madoka tells Mami that she like sees her as a role model and her wish is to be a magical girl and I want to think Mami threw on some fake ass tears to lure her in. Aww its really sick how Mami fights and really cute how she feels so happy today ever since Madoka told her all of that shit. WHAT IN THE FUCK; this witch was super cool, but damn it did not have to go down like that. DAMN these little ass girls just saw the casualties of war! LMAO 4:04 PM

Ep4- Sayaka really making me feel like she will be the best girl for me. Like just how she is thinking to use her wish on her brother/friend but then like she wants more than just a thank you, but she feels like a horrible person for it. Story of my life. LMAO Madoka is feeling that PTSD! Madoka went to Mami’s apartment, not a good idea girl. Damn all your work protecting everyone will really mean nothing when you die on the other side. Homura, I want to like her, but she’s so emotionless like please cheer up and feel bad about what happened bitch PLEASE! THIS NIGGA KARATE CHOPPED CD PLAYER! SON I CAN’T! Ph shit Hitomi got the kiss; hold up hella niggas got the mark! A Suicide cult, what in the fuck is wrong with there ghetto ass witches. Madoka got thrown into a fucking maze and Young Lord Sayaka is here all magical! Holy Shit she can fight like a boss and is sexy as ever! Now red hair bitch, Kyoko is on the scene and she wants to kill Sayaka; its going down I’m yelling Mami. 4:31 PM

Soul Eater NOT Ep2- The music to the girl’s dorm is very fun to listen to. Kana Altair is hella cute! aww they are all hella cute while they sleep oh and I forgot that the dorm bitch is psycho and that Meme is a fucking sleep fighter! Kim Diehl, as moe as ever! That ugly ass Tanuki statue! The girls look so damn cute in their maid outfits! Anya is so tsundere cute is disgusting! I enjoy the moe goodness this show brings me. 4:56 PM

Ep3- So far this episode is straight from the manga from what I remember, except the Kim thing, but I haven’t read this is like 2 years… soo ya know. The fight in the alleyway is literally how I remembered it from the manga! Also I think they are alluring to Gorgon super early. They are really dragging out the like 10 chapters pretty well, lol 5:21 PM

I just watched last night’s Degrassi episode. Maya and Clare are really silly imo. Maya is like level 4 silly cuz she does have a reason to not be with Miles;1, he’s scary as fuck and 2. he used a toy gun to scare someone, wtf is wrong with you!? Clare is level 10 nigga. Like cuz she was feeling lonely she dumps her boyfriend of for like forever over voice message to be with someone who she has a crush on. Like Eli really almost made me cry. sigh 5:51 PM

Gunna watch more Madoka before I sleep I think, maybe 1 episode. Its super interesting and I love the characters. But now time to watch 3v3 tourney and eat Chinese food 8:41 PM

Just gunna sleep. Allied’s stream was fun and the new champ in league is fun to watch; literally the defintion of support. So yea, bout to sleep 11:15

Thank goodness for the fucking post of people failing while cooking and the fucking drunk college kids reenacting Alice in Wonderland. Like iI haven’t laughed so hard in a LONG time. 11:48 PM

The Moon - Soul Eater