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My name's Brandon, my nickname is Kazi. New Jersey. 19. Introvert. Feel free to Message me.


I’m really trying to level up Athena and get good with her. She’s an amazing and I love her kit. But I’ve been having a bad streak with her. I’m not costing  my teams wins, but I’m just not happy with my performance. I’m currently looking through sites like Smite Fire for guides, but I also want to know if any Tumblr people could help.

First off, I’m used to playing often as Neith or full dmg Chang’e. They are my main Goddesses. Secondly, I am pretty happy with my build. Not sure if that’s the problem. Here is my usual build:


(Sovereignty is usually situational and I sometimes change it)

It all depends on where you are playing her and who you are going against. In Smite there isn’t a “100% Build” with any god. You can’t build X-Y-Z and then you are good to go. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS Counter-Build against your enemy. With that being said I’ll try my best to guide you in the right direction, for Athena’s most played role Support. Support- Seeing how you do start with 1500g, use all of it. The basic build for newer players would be Watcher’s Gift, HoG1, Eye of Providence, and 1 Blue & Green Pot. Since I said newer players, eye is extremely good for letting the newer Support players learn how to ward and ger used to how it works. WARDS WIN GAMES NEVER FORGET THIS. Its better to learn how to ward the earlier you get in the game. After Watcher’s GIft, the next item you go for is Midas’ Boots (for newer players) or Shoes of Focus (more experienced players). As of April 20th, 2014 the game’s meta revolves around the mid camps in Conquest and how often your team gets them. So since you are supposed to rotate around the map for them, Midas’ Boots give you extra gp5(gold per 5 seconds) while rotating so you don’t fall too behind for the gold intake. If you are more comfortable if prefer getting Shoes of Focus for less cool down on your taunt (2) and ult (4). After boots are finished try your best to finish HoG 3 so you can confirm early Gold Furies and if it comes to it Fire Giant. The next item in your “core build” is Sovereignty; this item is so important as Support! The Magical and Physical Protections of all allies within 70 feet are increased by 20. This could be the difference between a near escape or a death for your team when those big fights go down. After Sov is done, now you have to press Tab look at the enemy team, and start counter building. If you are ahead go for Void Stone for that extra damage and you help your Mid and Solo (if they are a mage) with the extra magic reduction o the enemies. If your enemies have 3-4 Physical gods, get either Witchblade (Extra Movement speed, plus the attack speed reduction is amazing) or Hide of the Urchin (also gives magic defense plus the stacking is really useful when you max it out). If they have a lot of Mages/Healers go for Stone of Gaia (this item is way too good), Magi’s Blessing (for all the CC the mages have i.e Agni’s stun, Aphro’s stun, Isis’ stun, Freya’s Banish, Ymir’s Freeze, Chang’e’s Ult, the list goes on), or Pestilence (its a decent item to stop the massive heals from Ra, Aphro, Hel, Chang’e and others). If you are ahead and really want to go damage I love going for Bancroft’s Talon (its passive scales off how much HP you are missing and since you are the support tank, in those long team fights your Shield Wall(3) will chunk players), Obsidian Shard (3 out of your 4 abilities do damage so might as well get that extra pen on ‘em :p), or Polynomicon(Seeing how you do play Athena I know you know her 1 3 2 combo, but with Poly on her, go for her dash(1) auto attack to proc the Poly, drop your 3 and then activate your taunt (2) walk back to drag your enemy into the shield wall and auto attack them to deal tons of damage on them). Also, later on in the game ask your jungler if you can have red buff cuz people love to underestimate a red buff Support Athena and her massive damage. 

I hope this long post does help you and any other Athena players. If you do ever want to play my IGN is Kamkazi. vvgg vvgf and have a great day :)

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